Zero Waste Poop Fairy Poop Bag

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Oh, well! This is probably one of the most polluting products we use for dogs. The disposable canine bag for dogs.  But we can do it differently. Our product is made from corn starch, it’s compostable and 100% vegetable. Decomposition lasts about  90-180 days, even at home. We do not have it produced in the Far East but in Hungary within a small family business.

ATTENTION! Although the bag is made of compostable material but the dog is carnivore, so dog waste should not be used to fertilize our vegetables or fruit trees as it may contain microorganisms that could be harmful to humans. However, it can be used to improve the soil of ornamental plants and flowers. It is important, however, to compost it separately from kitchen waste, in a separated place.

Don’t wait for the Poop Fairy, pick it up yourself.

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We are pleased to present you the new ZOORO® product!

ZOORO® - 100% compostable Zero Waste Poop Fairy Poop Bag


Decomposable, compostable poop bag made of 100% plant material
Hungarian product, from a Hungarian manufacturer!

✔ production does not take place in China, but in Hungary
✔ one roll contains not 15 but 20 poaches
✔ It is made of 100% vegetable material, corn starch
✔ Degrades even at home
✔ Made of thick material so that it does not tear during use
✔ The packaging of the collection cartons is made of recyclable, incinerable paper
✔ we do not use plastic (or any) guriga stiffening rollers
✔ Easy to tear, dispense and store in standard containers