Zero Waste Dog Toothbrush

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Yes, you read it well.

If you are a conscious owner, you know how important to prevent tartar for your four-legged companion. In fact it’s much more effective if you brush your dogs’ teeth regularly than giving him dental chews. This is a proven fact. Otherwise you would just have to chew a bone, wouldn’t you?

The product is designed to be comfortable and efficient for you and your dog. One minute a day and you can forget about risks and costs of the unnecessary anaesthetic procedure of tartar removal.

Most “natural” toothbrushes are made from Far East bamboo and plastic bristles. For us this is nothing but greenwashing. Our zero waste dog toothbrush is composed of a handle made from sustainable beech wood and wild boar bristles. (wild boar is intended for human consumption, so its hair is just a waste but we recycle it). Sorry, but it’s not vegan, like our dog.

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wood, beech, pig bristles



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